Energy Management

Metering & Monitoring

Effective energy management can deliver significant cost savings and reduce your carbon footprint. The ability to meter and monitor energy consumption against specific targets is a fundamental component of this.

A recent study by the Carbon Trust showed that, on average, organisations that switch to using Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) achieve 5% carbon savings through reduced utility consumption.

AMRs are also playing an increasingly important role in fulfilling carbon trading scheme obligations (e.g. EU Emissions Trading Scheme and the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme) and other Corporate Social Responsibility commitments.

Green Energy Partners provides the following services related to AMR:

  • Initial site meter survey including electricity, gas, oil, steam, water, effluent services
  • AMR data analysis to identify ‘quick wins’ e.g. through reducing system usage, optimising control processes, reducing set points
  • Produce intelligent reports to inform management and staff e.g. as part of an awareness training campaign
  • Impartial advice and assistance in choosing the right metering technologies based on your requirements
  • Specification of an AMR solution and data analysis package including any sub-metering requirements e.g. of specific areas, HVAC systems or other site services
  • Set consumption targets and an exception reporting system to prevent performance drift
  • Turnkey project management, ensuring a joined up system which integrates all metering sources
  • Complete financial analysis – validate invoices, manage supplier contracts, create budgets, determine Return On Investment (ROI) for energy efficiency actions
  • Complete outsourcing energy management service whereby we collect, monitor and analyse your consumption data, set up trend analysis and exception reports and implement your strategy for reducing energy consumption