Carbon Squeeze Programme

Green Energy Partners has developed the Carbon Squeeze Programme, a simplified Carbon Management Programme for small and medium sized organisations. The Programme is designed with a low budget core, which can be scaled up to include additional support as needed. The aim is to continually reduce your organisation’s energy spend and carbon emission performance. We want to ensure that you are meeting your low carbon challenges and are ready for the next round of low carbon legislation leading to 2020, 2050 and beyond.

The Programme has four key stages as follows:

In the first stage your current energy management position and readiness will be health checked in detail. This includes:

  • Footprint Analysis
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Metering Review
  • Carbon Governance Review
  • Assessment of current Reduction Planning
  • Evaluation of existing Data Management Systems


In the second step we identify and prioritise measures you can take to reduce your energy consumption and forecast how this will affect your carbon footprint in the future. This stage includes:

  • Energy Audit
  • Improvement Action Plan
  • Simple Carbon Management Plan
  • Emission Forecasting and Target Setting
  • Low Carbon Governance and Management

We also offer a software solution that allows you to record and manage your carbon performance with advanced reporting and auditing tools. It can be used to monitor energy performance, develop a building log book, identify and prioritise improvement projects, forecast emissions, provide performance reviews and report in line with low carbon legislation.


We will support the planning and implementation of low carbon designs and energy efficiency technology, and we can also help your organisation to develop a new and achievable energy and low carbon management policy. This includes:

  • Policy & Target Development
  • Awareness & Training Programmes
  • Transport and Waste Management
  • High Efficiency Engineering
  • Alternative Energy Design


We will continually review your progress and help you ensure that your carbon reduction action plan is designed to provide year on year savings and overall continuous improvement. This can also include low carbon accreditation to prepare you for future legislative requirements and provide the recognition that your low carbon achievements deserve. This includes:

  • Continual Improvement Analysis
  • Improvement Persistence Reviews
  • Performance Target Revision
  • Future Compliance Assessments
  • Auditing & Accreditation including BS 16001 and Carbon Trust Standard


All our services include online support documentation which provides a strong and effective guidance pack to assist ongoing low carbon planning methods. Our software solution has received national recognition and has been awarded the CIBSE Low Carbon Innovation Award in 2009.

Our Low Carbon Consultants have extensive carbon management expertise and a track record of supporting organisations within both the private and public sector. We specialise in working with organisations to develop customised and practical low carbon performance improvement and management programmes which will integrate into your other long term business aims in a cost effective manner.