Carbon Compliance

CRC Strategic Advice

Organisations need to maintain year on year carbon emission reductions in order to sustain an enhanced league table position within the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

The key areas in which Green Energy Partners can support an organisation include the development of a proper structured methodology for the production and presentation of its greenhouse gas emission footprint.

Following on from this, organisations have to be able to ensure that they have structures, responsibilities, policies and procedures in place which comprehensively enable the identification, management, reduction and reporting of its carbon emissions. Areas where improvements may be required include:


  • Is there a low-carbon policy?
  • Who has overall responsibility for climate change matters?
  • How are emissions and reductions performance reported to stakeholders?

Carbon accounting

  • Are there procedures for checking and documenting emissions and ensuring data accuracy?

Carbon management

  • Does the organisation actively monitor energy use?
  • Are there carbon reduction targets?
  • What programmes are in place to ensure operating procedures minimise carbon impact?
  • Are there awareness programmes and training for all staff?
  • What capital investments have been made/planned to reduce carbon impact?
  • What programmes are in place to reduce lifecycle impacts of products and services?
  • Evidence of good practice from site visit?

Green Energy Partners can assist organisations to assess their existing position relative to the above types of criteria and develop practicable and cost effective processes which will ensure that all aspects contributing to sustainable carbon reduction are addressed.