Carbon Compliance

Climate Change Agreement & EU ETS

Climate Change Agreement
The UK Government set a target to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20% before 2020. In line with this target a range of policies were introduced including Climate Change Agreements (CCA).

The Climate Change Agreements have a two tier structure. The first agreement is a sector level agreement between the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the sector or trade association. The second agreement is an individual agreement between DECC and the operator of the organisation.

Organisations that qualify for a CCA must agree energy efficiency and carbon reduction targets. These targets will be set for the organization but will also contribute towards the sector target.

Green Energy Partners will assist your organization in developing competitive and realistic targets to reduce your energy use, emissions and carbon footprint. We can implement energy conservation initiatives and monitor the progress towards the targets.

European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)
The EU ETS is a Europe-wide scheme, which aims to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and combat the serious threat of climate change. EU ETS puts a price on carbon that businesses use and creates a market for carbon.

The Emissions Trading Scheme has been in place since 2005 and is the first scheme of its kind in the world. Now in its second phase of operation, the UK Government aims to reduce emissions by 29 Mt CO2 per year from 2008 until 2012.

With this target in mind emissions allocations are distributed to installations within the scheme. These include heavy industries such as electricity generation, refineries, iron and steel making, mineral processing and paper and pulp manufacture. However, combustion processes (i.e. a boiler installation) with a rated thermal input exceeding 20 MW are also covered by the EU ETS.

Organisations covered by the scheme are required to monitor and report their emissions. At the end of each year they must surrender allowances to cover their organisation’s actual emissions. They may use all or part of their allocation and have the flexibility to buy additional allowances or to sell surplus generated from reducing their emissions below their allocation.

Green Energy Partners can help you determine whether you are required to participate in the scheme. We can monitor your energy use and emissions, identify ways to reduce your energy and carbon output, and make accurate recommendations for purchasing allowances.