Carbon Compliance

Carbon Footprinting

It is increasingly important for organisations to understand their Carbon Footprint – i.e. the total greenhouse gas emissions that they are responsible for.

A full Carbon Footprint of an organisation covers not just the direct emissions from burning fuels onsite, use of electricity and use of transport. It also requires calculation of the indirect impact of an organisation through its supply chain, purchase of goods and services, the impact of waste it creates, etc. Emissions of other greenhouse gases in addition to carbon dioxide must also be considered.

Green Energy Partners provides basic or complex carbon footprint calculation. We work with clients from an early stage to determine the organisations footprint boundary, availability and robustness of data, and the methodology for preparing and presenting the Carbon Footprint. All methodologies adopted by Green Energy Partners for detailed corporate emissions reporting are compliant with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064.

In line with established reporting standards our methodologies follow a 3 part classification:

Scope 1: Direct emissions

  • Fossil fuel combustion onsite (including waste fuel sources); owned transport (roads, ships or aeroplanes); process emissions; fugitive emissions.

Scope 2: Indirect emissions from imported utilities

  • Emissions from purchase of electricity; emissions from import of heat or steam.

Scope 3: Indirect emissions

  • Indirect emissions are all other emissions that an organisation causes to occur but which it does not control.