Building Inspection & Certification

Energy Performance Certificates

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive requires all commercial and industrial properties to acquire an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) upon construction, sale or lease. EPCs must be made available to prospective buyers or tenants prior to advertising the property and, once in place, are valid for 10 years.

What is an EPC?
An EPC is a document that rates the energy performance of a building and provides the owner with recommendations on how energy efficiency can be improved cost effectively.

How is an EPC produced?

  • Prior to the commencement of a project a data checklist is provided to the client detailing the data requirements for each building.
  • For the calculation of the rating the building is modelled – up to date plans/drawings will therefore reduce the overall cost of the EPC. If detailed plans are not available for your building we can produce detailed floor layout plans for your property.
  • In a site visit the building data is collated/verified and building services, boiler types etc. are determined.
  • The data is input into EPC software, which compares the building to a benchmark property. Based on the results the rating of the building is calculated and the EPC certificate is issued.

Our Energy Performance of Buildings services offer different levels of assessments to enable our clients to obtain the most suitable assistance for their situation. This ranges from generic EPCs to more detailed recommendations aimed at improving the asset rating of the building.

Who can produce an EPC?
Only members of protocol organisations who have undertaken appropriate building and software training or have extensive experience of assessing the energy performance of buildings may produce EPCs.

To date, Green Energy Partners’ engineers have carried out Commercial EPC assessments for more than 800 buildings in Scotland, England and Wales. Our assessors are trained and accredited in the use of a wide range of building modelling software and can model any building from a small office to a large complex headquarters building.