Building Inspection & Certification

Air Conditioning Inspection

Air conditioning system inspections can only be completed by a qualified and accredited assessor. Our CIBSE Low Carbon Energy Assessors are fully accredited to undertake your air conditioning system inspection. Green Energy Partners is one of the first companies in Scotland that is able to provide this service.

An air conditioning inspection follows a regulated methodology. It provides information about system performance and identifies opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy and money. Inspection reports remain valid for a maximum of five years.

Which systems require inspection?

England and Wales
Air conditioning inspections in non-domestic buildings are now mandated under Article 9 of the Energy Performance of Buildings (Certificates and Inspections) (England and Wales) Regulations. An inspection for systems with an effective rated output of more than 250kW has been obligatory since January 2009 and will be required for systems with an output greater than 12kW from January 2011.

In Scotland the requirement is covered by the Scottish Building Standards May 2009 Non-domestic Technical Handbook, Section 6. The first inspections of systems over 250kW must be completed by January 2011, and for systems greater than 12kW by January 2013.


An air conditioning system is defined within the regulations as “a combination of all the components required to provide a form of air treatment in which the temperature is controlled or can be lowered, and includes systems which combine such air treatment with the control of ventilation, humidity and air cleanliness” (Article 9 of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) (2)).

The cooling capacity of an air conditioning ‘system’ is further defined as “the sum of all individual cooling units under the control of one building owner or operator”. It may therefore include smaller ‘window-box’ and split units which are considered to be part of the ‘system’.