The Green Energy Partners group of companies offers carbon, energy and sustainability consultancy. We specialise in the provision of an extensive range of services including strategic energy advice, energy and low carbon management and renewables implementation.

Our team provides strategic, policy, commercial, technical and regulatory expertise at both senior and junior levels to provide a comprehensive service to companies from board level through to manufacturing sites and project offices.

Energy Management
GEP carries out energy conservation initiatives from initial design to specification and implementation support.

Environmental Assessments
We can reduce the environmental impact of your company, enhance CSR and ensure compliance with legislation.

Strategy & Policy
We provide policy and strategy support at all levels to help our clients meet existing and impending legisation.

Building Inspection & Certification
Our highly qualified and experienced team provides a wide range of building assessments and certifications.

Carbon Compliance
GEP can advise on carbon legislation and emission reduction schemes and engineer and manage solutions necessary for compliance.

Sustainable Design Solutions
We consult on the design of low carbon buildings and carry out dynamic simulation to identify if the building will perform as intended.

We provide a simple energy and carbon management software that provides a comprehensive approach to carbon reduction and compliance.